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Limelight of industry of global industry gas strong
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Current, industry of global industry gas swift and violent development, china's giant market vacuum to be in gold the industry of gain period adds a few minutes of vigor again, and business of top class production is standing fast energy industry position while, open the development opportunity with new monarch ceaselessly. Market of Chinese industry gas bestrews vigor, unit of a few large gas will be in in last few years inside put into production. Lynd company already planned to invest 125 million dollar to build 2 sky to divide unit in Ning Bo. According to long-term agreement, the company will rise from 2010 to peaceful Bomohua polyurethane company air feed. Law fluid empty company already planned to build 4 sky to divide unit in the Asia recently, so that to Korea some iron and steel produces air feed of group of industry of coal of divine China of business and China. Air product company already signed contract of long-term air feed with company of iron and steel of Chinese country wind at present, its divide device general in the sky of hill of Chinese the Tang Dynasty at put into production of second half of the year. The oxygen that the company also was in Pulaikesi to sign by a definite date 15 years with the company of Jin Longtong estate that is located in Chinese copper hill recently and nitrogen supply contract.

Sale of global industry gas reached 55.4 billion dollar 2007, grow 7 than 2006. Business of production of gas of top class industry if company of product of law fluid sky, air and Pulaikesi of the company benefit all showed two digit to grow 2007. Before a few years, energy industry is the main source that business of industrial gas company grows all the time, the nitrogen that demand includes to be used at raising oil recovery ratio and oxygen and refinery are used hydric. Because get high oil price and stricter and stricter environmental protection code drive, predict the demand of this one industry inside a few years will continue to grow henceforth. Pulaikesi the company is the aeriform supply business with the biggest North America, this company grew 30 in the sale of energy industry 2007.

Air product company shows, american oil field served course of study to grow 30 to the demand of nitrogen. This company makes buy of azotic new clothes already was used at be being cast by 2007 in a of Mexico, to Mexican Petroleum Company (Pemex) supply nitrogen, at the same time the company still expands in American Kentucky and north to block the nitrogen productivity of Luo Laina city at second half of the year in the consideration. The company plans Pulaikesi the oxygen that transforms its to be located in Mexican bay carries a system, in order to satisfy the demand that clean fuel and sewage disposal increase increasingly.

Craft of new coal fired replaces air with oxygen, make coal burns to be helpful for greenhouse gas more adequately decreasing a platoon, extended market space of oxygen. Concerned personage says, this one technology will welcome greater progress opportunity 2015. Pulaikesi the company already was the same as Forster last year Wheeler company establishs alliance, develop clean coal technology. This technology will include Pulaikesi the technology of new coal fired that the company uses power plant of Yu Ran coal. Law fluid sky and air product company also are being developed and use this kind of technology.
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