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Gear consumption has the amplitude of 25% above about
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Gear looks ordinary, but it is the component with industrial main equipment however. Industry of our country gear divides composition basically by 3, namely industrial gear, car gear and gear equip. Among them, the market share of car gear is achieved 60% ; Industrial gear by industry gear of general, special, special type is formed, its market share is respectively 18% , 12% , 8% ; 2% what gear equipment holds market share.

15 during, gear industry total production value grows 50 billion yuan by 25 billion yuan, average growth rate is adjacent 20% , 5 years rise one times, rank world the 4th, on sale dimensions 100 million yuan of enterprises exceed 50, the industry is spent centrally rise apparently. Be in at present gear industry in thousands of kinds of hundreds of 5 kinds of big products, series, product, appear one large quantities of having international is advanced horizontal product. 2006 the annual produce of gear industry is 59 billion yuan, among them, car gear place occupies scale to be as high as 2/3. Of auto industry driving is gear mould development is important prop up.

Gear consumption is very tremendous, every car has the gear wheel that more than 20 size differs. Car gear is more with gear steel 20CRMNTI is made, only gear of a few limousine car drive are to use stainless steel to be made, so gear steel is with car, ship, project the synchronism such as machinery grows. In addition, mechanical and electrical products exports the demand that drives gear. In recent years, exit of mechanical and electrical products increases by degrees every year 30% above, the consumption of gear has the amplitude of 25% above about. The market of special, special positive drive is very big also, if be not round gear, pulverous metallurgy gear, small modulus gear to wait, same to the demand of gear steel not small.

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