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Classics abb spins machine outstanding achievement to stabilize foreground to va
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After two city steep fall through what grail appears, head of market level sex affirms basically already, but outstanding to those itself quality of a material, belong to appraise to be worth flat for, short line drops urgently is an opportunity, grail of deep recently Shanghai begins to maintain rebound posture, continuously active. Classics abb is spun machine (000666) is a among them, this bottom drive up, attack on hopeful.

Classics abb is spun machine (000666) is bibcock of domestic spin machinery, the company regards our country large spin as mechanical manufacturer, diversified economy is the collect family that has research and development of cotton spin whole set of equipment, productivity exclusively for our country, labour, trade the industry group of an organic whole, it is a country company of new and high technology, , competitive advantage is clear. Company main product is had in what China spins machine market rate achieve 5 into above, produce moral to sell countrywide each district, export 40 many countries and area. Company product belongs to industry high end in home, than tower above of price of person of the same trade 10% , sexual price is higher, in home numerous fractionize product is had rate achieve 40% above.

Company outstanding achievement is stable, foreground is valued. Up to on June 30, 2007, the balance order amount that our company already signed is a RMB 2.321 billion yuan, the order inside its China 2.214 billion yuan, foreign order 107 million yuan. 3 quarterly reports showed the basis 2007, the company comes true advocate business Wu income is as high as four billion two hundred and eighteen million seven hundred and seventy thousand yuan, obtain every 0.23 yuan fine outstanding achievement. 3 quarterly reports of company show, the orgnaization in before 10 large current stockholder gathers among them, share 8 fund, enter fund newly to amount to 4 among them.

On 2 class market, this stop drop look forward to is firm, city hopeful spreads out after strong rebound prices, suggest investor choose machine is participated in.

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