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The requirement of manufacturing industry of high quality product to the machine
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Of production technology of world high quality product change change quickly, taller and taller to the requirement of machine tool technology, needs new machine tool and conventional device already had those who pledge is different. Machine tool technology develops main show to be flexible the development of production system, CIMS and application, change directional development to production intelligence. The properties that machine tool technology develops is technical confluence to change now; The development properties of the product is changed for high additional cost now, intelligence is changed and systematization; The development properties that fastens regnant manage is now compositive change (include a system compositive, software the technology is compositive, compositive with interface compositive) with network. What comprise by numerical control machine tool is flexible product line, make the focal point of current requirement, and put forward to the machine tool asked at 5 o'clock.
1, taller flexible
□ equipment is flexible: Numerical control turns technical development and application, make the machine tool can complete a variety of treatment, benefit is produced at realizing batch, reduce stock cost, rise utilization rate of equipment and installations and shorten treatment is periodic.
□ stock carries flexible: Stock carries equipment to be able to carry a variety of stock, have taller but acquired character and utilization rate.
□ production process is flexible: Production process can produce a variety of products at the same time, have mixture ratio flexible, spend through offerring the product of diversification to raise a client to satisfy.
□ operation is flexible: The work that has different treatment technology can undertake machining with a variety of means, realize trends to attemper easily when machine occurrence breakdown.
2, manufacturing efficiency is tall
Manufacturing efficiency is the main index of business productivity, wide already application is made in high spirit product and the mould makes high speed machine tool domain. Tall productivity asks the machine tool has tall shift and tall feed rate, dosage of contented big cutting is machined, and assist time want short.
3, precision is good
High quality product needs treatment of high accuracy machine tool, and high accuracy asks the fixed position precision of the machine tool is mixed not only repeat precision tall, more important is to want engineering competence to assure strong, such ability assure to be stabilized by the precision of treatment product, consistency of product measure precision is good. It is good to should accomplish precision, the machine tool needs to use the rigid structure such as excellent main shaft system, transmission system, oriented system not only, and still need to use reliable control system and online detect technology.
4, reliability is high
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