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Bearing advantage is clear machine tool perspective is wide
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Day photograph invests an analyst to point out, day horse share passes a series of buying activity, had come true to come from general bearing the industrial position of the large and accurate bearing such as railroad bearing, wind report bearing, rolling mill bearing and numerical control machine tool. Add especially endowment Qi Chong, brought new point of growth for company outstanding achievement, doing ceaselessly do strong bearing line of business greatly while, also the regale that hopeful shares machine tool trade adequately.
Maintain " add hold " investment grade.

Industry of Chinese bearing, machine tool all is in boom cycle. Current, progress of Chinese bearing industry is steady, press sales revenue and product output statistics, already resided the world the 3rd; Machine tool industry also is in fast hair exhibition period, especially machine tool of large and heavy-duty numerical control already entered development drive. Be opposite in national industry policy of manufacturing industry support energetically below, company long-term development has assure.

Company advocate battalion product advantage is clear. The company is mixed in bearing of short columnar roller lorry bearing inside two domains, depend on abundant technical actual strength, advanced level of management, in recent years the market is had rate be in an industry all the time the first. In the meantime, company collect capital all is cast to high-end bearing product. Among them, the bitter fleabane break out of wind cable industry exhibits benefit from benefit from of project of wind report bearing, the biggest hotspot that makes growth of company future outstanding achievement; In the meantime, company with its ability of dilate of type of low cost extension, bought limited company of plant of bearing of Guiyang rainbow hill and bearing of Beijing age newlywed person successfully, hopeful achieves beautiful performance again in the large bearing domain such as aviation, war industry, metallurgy.

At present scale of neat heavy equity amounts to company hold 71.32% , be in charge a position absolutely. Through buying neat heavy numerical control, company advocate course of study extends numerical control machine tool, owned the property of upriver bearing industry, downstream heavy-duty machine tool.

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