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Machinery board piece invested new option 2008
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According to statistical data showed recently, shanghai is deep two city already had 655 to appear on the market the company was released year outstanding achievement is premonitory 2007, have 502 companies outstanding achievement among them " announce good news " , add scale to be as high as 75.42% beforehand. Although numerous appear on the market the company gains extent each has his strong point beforehand, but before the New Year of the traditional Chinese calendar that shortly will come " announce good news " , it is undoubtedly new production of a year manages gain a good cheer head.

And in the company that adds beforehand in a lot of outstanding achievement, can of mechanical production industry calls each large trade " add cacique beforehand " . According to our newspaper statistic, up to now, in whole mechanism board piece nearly 70 appear on the market in the company, the firm that predicts year outstanding achievement increased 2007 amounts to 32, among them amplitude amounts to 100% above have 20 or so.

So, in a new year, machinery board piece whether continuance 2007 " erupt type " growth posture? The investment strategy 2008 studies the mechanical industry that gives out in succession from orgnaization of numerous negotiable securities report, the reporter found the solution.

To machinery board piece the development posture 2008, orgnaization of domestic a lot of negotiable security all expresses: Below the premise that supports equipment manufacturing industry energetically in the country, need to be driven with the double engine of exit inside together with, trend of development of industry of machinery of our country project is clear, long-term to good.

Capital negotiable securities points out, the abidance of Chinese economy grew to promote a project further steadily need to grow continuously inside machinery, the development trend of project machinery industry is clear. Will for a long time look, chinese economy enters heavy industry to change level, city to change process, new rural area to build this 3 big factors to will become the main driving force that project machinery industry expands, of project machinery industry periodic will change infirmly stage by stage, the industry is entered one therein long-term development phase. Additional, need sue for peace mechanically to make as the project transfer to China, china is making a center in the whole world that makes project machine. The cost advantage that has by Chinese manufacturing industry and the rapid progress in respect of technology, market, be in in the near future in, the export of industry of domestic project machinery will still increase quickly continuously, exit will make the point of growth with project machinery new industry.

Qi Lu negotiable securities thinks, mechanical equipment manufacturing industry is the corporeal carrier of technology of a country, did not have the equipment manufacturing industry of international competition ability, do not have industrialized success. Scan widely world, the revitalize road of the country such as beautiful, day, Han is not had is not begin from equipment manufacturing industry. Be based on this kind of rule, and of Chinese future inside need, the entrance is replaced, international industry move and the point of view that capable policy supports, equipment manufacturing industry of China has huge to expand latent capacity. Below the mentions advanced factor ceaselessly integrated action of the policy support that is in level of employment of heavy chemical industry, country in global industry move, our country and enterprise oneself level, future will be the gold period that industry of equipment of our country machinery grows 10 years.
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