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Xu Gong makes Qing Dynasty of triumphant thunder capital with triumphant Lei Ge
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Ability of Xu engineering course issued announcement a few days ago, state company and triumphant thunder collaboration do not suffer Kaileike can clear dish of influence.
One, hearsay overview
On March 17, 2008, " southern daily " published a problem to be " triumphant thunder capital 16.6 billion yuan of liability are potential Xu Gong of be a burden on is bought " article, hint incident of firm of triumphant thunder capital may be versed in to triumphant Lei Xu mechanical and industrial limited company (the following abbreviation triumphant Lei Xu is versed in) limited company of as rigid as Xuzhou project group (the company controls a person actually, group of industry of Xu of the following abbreviation) cooperative item produces major effect.
2, clear statement
Basis " stock of Shenzhen stock exchange appears on the market regular " (edited 2006) concerned regulation, our company already controlled person Xu actually to be versed in Asia of group Xiangkai thunder invested advisory company to undertake advisory with respect to afore-mentioned hearsay classics companies, triumphant thunder Asia invested advisory company to issue rewrite to case, concerned content is as follows:
(One) the way support of the people that labour of triumphant thunder Xu and firm of triumphant thunder capital become independent for two manages entity. Triumphant Lei Xu is versed in You Kailei Asia invests fund I100% hold. The way support of the people that I of fund of investment of triumphant thunder Asia and firm of triumphant thunder capital become independent for two manages entity, triumphant thunder Asia invests fund I not hold the share of firm of triumphant thunder capital, firm of triumphant thunder capital also not triumphant thunder Asia invests hold the share of fund I, both sides is mixed without any business assure come-and-go.
Labour of triumphant thunder Xu is a company that registers at opening graceful archipelago on Feburary 15, 2005, it is according to international the convention is versed in to buy Xu limited company of group project machinery (of the company control a partner) partial equity and the company that establishs technically.
Firm of triumphant thunder capital (Amsterdam negotiable securities trades market share code: CCC;ISIN code GG00B1VYV826) is a root the island invests a company on the west. Firm of triumphant thunder capital held water on August 29, 2006, traded in Amsterdam negotiable securities in July 2007 the market is finished its first the whole world is issued. Firm of triumphant thunder capital is the investment fund that group of triumphant thunder investment launchs, the diversity that aims to secure income capital fund through invest in is combined (include residence of class of AAA of American government orgnaization to mortgage) of bill of sale, answer for partner creation risk and the ideal redound of collate and stipulate.
On March 16, 2008, firm of triumphant thunder capital announces: Classics board of directors offers, a grade partner polls consistently those who pass firm of triumphant thunder capital is mandatory program of go into liquidation. Insular court had approved the root on the west this one application, and already accreditation person of independent liquidation office management controls dish of process clear.
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