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Company of Chang Linzhu estate passes first trial of American Q1 attestation
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On March 10, 2008, 12 days, 6 people come group of American Ford Motor Corporation Dr. Chen Jin company of Shandong Chang Linzhu estate undertakes Q1 protects examine and verify character. "Ford Q1 " attestation is company of Shandong Chang Linzhu estate an important matter in running an activity this year.

This Dr. Chen group comes Shandong examine and verify of Chang Linzhu course of study, proved Ford company is right of Changlin cast approbate, dr. Chen group is right of casting estate company cast working site to undertake serious evaluation, was sure casting estate company is in 4 crucial domains (service ability, improve gender, durative spend with client satisfaction) good performance. To facilities of casting estate company, analysis, examine the conscious control that waits for crucial link expresses to approbate. At the same time Dr. Chen station casts the angle of bound authority personage to go up in home, right at present the operation of casting estate company offerred a few constructive opinions, clock servantchooses a person for a job now labour opens push button, can change to spark on path course; The control of composition of refine of the dissolve before furnace suggests to give the handle of furnace work station of molten iron, composition qualification gives heat to signal ability; Hang there is the list that adjusts composition on edition, make full use of computer, be worth the requirement input, real value input, direct report increases filling amount.

According to website of Chinese project machine (Www.6300.net) know, casting estate company is in the course that offers engine bracket cast for Ford company, apply the standard such as operating system of Ford Q1 quality all the time, aggrandizement, refine administrative system each process, improve product quality continuously ceaselessly. Ford Motor Corporation is the car with the oldest whole world creates one of companies. Its car brand has Ford (leopard of Ford) , Lincoln, nimble, Ma Zida, Volvo and Lu Hu. The production of Ford Motor Corporation and assemble business to pervade 30 many countries, produce moral to sell 200 many countries and area. The recipe that this all previous succeeds via big company of hundred years unabated puts quality in forever namely the first, ford Motor Corporation calls top quality standard Q1. Q1, it is the abbreviate of English "Quality Is No.1" , the meaning is quality the first. American Ford Motor Corporation sees "Q1" the highest honor that regards pair of supplier quality as the domain, be the extremely influential force that product of the supplier in automobile industry pledges the quantity evaluates attestation " surveyor's pole " , it is the objective that place of production company of global car component pursues more. So far, the whole nation casts a bound only 5 enterprises obtain "Ford Q1" attestation.

Group company Zhang Yihua president pays close attention to Ford Q1 attestation to work very, tell on the meeting for many times: Obtain " Ford Q1 " attestation, it is a success, one kind is approbated.
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