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Machine of the project that fight hill holds foundation stone laying ceremony
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On March 7, 2008, in Mou Ping the organization of district government falls, the engineering that fight hill is mechanical (Shandong) limited company (foundation stone laying ceremony of DISD) of the following abbreviation is held ceremoniously in development of technology of Mou Ping economy.

Yantai municipal Party committee, municipal government, mou Ping area appoint, district government basically is led, administrator of DICC high level and media of all circles news attended this grand meeting.

Foundation stone laying ceremony by Mou Ping area appoint clerical Gao Qi is chaired, the engineering that fight hill is mechanical (Shandong) limited company health 珪 general manager made a speech on behalf of DISD above all, health always undertook brief introducing to fighting hill project machine, right of various government support energetically expressed to be thanked heartily. Subsequently, deputy mayor Hao Dejun made splendid speech on behalf of municipal government, to DISD lay a foundation smoothly expressed cordial congratulation. Hao mayor hopes various government sector fights hill project machine to including inside priority discipline gives main support, provide excellent service, stimulative enterprise is done do greatly strong, right the development of DISD will offer very tall hope henceforth.

In gun salute salvo, colour garrulous waves in the festive atmosphere that fly, hair of Yu Aijun of secretary-general of Hao Dejun of standing deputy mayor of Sun Yongchun of secretary of Yantai municipal Party committee, Yantai city, municipal Party committee, city changes appoint trifling of director Wang Shiliang, Mou Ping grows general manager of Li Aijie, DICC Jin Dongzhe, for DISD henceforth brilliant laid solid foundation.

According to website of Chinese project machine (Www.6300.net) learns, investment of project of DISD first phase is 5, 0 dollar, cover an area of 165 mus, fork-lift truck year productivity will be achieved 10, 000. Predict to began batch production November this year. 2 period after project building, investment amount will achieve 1 billion RMB, always cover an area of a face to accumulate 420 mus, predict to produce per year fork-lift truck 2, 5000.

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